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Welcome to Cornwall Reclaim

We are an independent supplier of new and reclaimed hardwoods specialising in Oak, Green Oak, Teak, Iroko, Green Heart, plus sustainably sourced live and waney edge natives and other reclaimed exotics.

Based in Redruth in beautiful Cornwall, call us on 07866 497667 now and get that project started! 

Why Reclaim?

On a purely cosmetic level, reclaimed timber has a patina from age that is virtually impossible to recreate. Decades or even centuries of use gives wood a certain aesthetic that new timber just can not offer. We also love that old unwanted items can have a new life; teak rope-ladder steps from Naval Battleships become the stairway to a garden fairy house, reclaimed breakwater timbers, become decking that will last a lifetime! 

But the environmental impact of reusing and repurposing timber can not be underestimated. 
Carbon sequestration is the long-term removal or capture of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As trees grow they naturally sequester C02, but once the material starts to decay or is burnt, the C02 is re-released into the environment. 

As we continue to see a very real climate emergency, every little thing we can do to protect our planet should be paramount.

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Our History

30 years of passion for timber has shaped Cornwall Reclaim today.

From years of working with hardwood flooring to restoring an old mid century larch on oak fishing trawler, wood has played a significant role in our lives for decades.

But anyone who loves wood will testify, to see old, usable wood going to waste is an environmental and moral travesty, so we started Cornwall Reclaim to help old wood have a new life! 


We endeavour to hold as varied and vast a selection of timber as possible, both new and reclaimed, so if you need something specific you don't see here please give us a call!

We will always have a large selection of both native and imported live edge slabs available in a multiple of species, thicknesses, lengths and grades.
In regards to reclaim, please do be advised that the very nature of reclaim means we can't always hold constant stock so please give us a call to check our availability and stock levels before travelling.

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We offer untreated tropical hardwood reclaimed railway sleepers. These substantial lengths of timber are perfect for those garden and landscaping projects. We also offer a milling service to turn these incredible timbers into decking and cladding!


We have a variety of reclaimed timbers including untreated 12" x 12" oak shoring blocks and Greenheart timbers up to 18' long. If you are looking for lintels or beams this is the place to start.

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Waney Edge Oak


Sourced from the myriad of sawmills and private estates around the County. Come and take a look at our timber slab selection.

Square Edge Planks

Sometimes reclaimed timber just isn't the job, so we also sell New French Oak planks in muliple thicknesses and lengths.



Nothing beats the rich patina of reclaimed wood, and flooring is one of the best examples, from Oak Parquet, to Pitch Pine.


We also offer an extensive range of new solid and engineered hardwood flooring plus fabulous new pitch pine!



A place to showcase all the oddities we find! How about some reclaimed French Oak plank destined for barrels? Or a teak boat safety ladder step to repurpose into the garden?


Feeling creative? How about making that Barrel Bar you always dreamt of! Original reclaimed retired whiskey and wine barrels plus extra large port barrels.



While we love you to reuse timber sometimes it's not an option, so with it's multitude of applications for both interior and exterior creative projects, we also stock new Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Iroko.

 "We bought a piece of reclaimed oak for a mantle piece. Reasonably priced but the best bit was they cut, sanded and polished it to give us the perfect mantle. Thanks!"

  "We bought a piece of reclaimed oak for a mantle piece. Reasonably priced but the best bit was they cut, sanded and polished it to give us the perfect mantle. Thanks!"



Monday : Appointment Only

Tuesday - Friday : 10 am - 4 pm

Saturday : Closed

Sunday : Closed

We are always happy to be open outside of these times by appointment.

Please call 07866 497667 to arrange. 

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Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Tel - 07866497667

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Help finding us! 

A great way to find our wonderful world of wood is through the brilliant what3words app that pinpoints every 3 metre square location on earth with a different 3 words.

Plus we love that ours is - upholding.comedy.reaction - we love a bit of comedy!


Tap the link or enter the 3 words into the free what3words app to find us -

Let's talk about reclaim...

While we love the look, patina, good old fashioned rustic charm and aesthetic quality of reclaimed wood, reclaiming is anything but the cheap or easy option. 

Removing floorboards from warehouses is time consuming and dangerous. 

Lifting decks of old scrapped boats is laborious and stinky, trust us we know! 

So we don't do it to offer a cheap option, we do it because we are passionate about saving these rare resources. We reclaim things because they have value. That value can come from scarcity, size, age, change in legislation or because old things are beautiful! Guess who turned 50 this year! It is the reason you won’t find reclaimed OSB or shiplap in our yard. 

Part of our mission to encourage and continue to reclaim, recycle and reuse old materials, is the desire to elevate the idea of reclaiming. To make using these old materials the deluxe option. To have pride in choosing these incredible reclaimed materials and let them live on. 


The other thing to talk about is woodworm! The blight of reclaim. 

We are fanatical about spraying ALL wood that comes into our shed.

 We know that reclaim can potentially be housing various wood boring insects and we take it very seriously. As all our new wood is kiln dried, and predominantly hardwood, this doesn't offer any real risk, but the reclaim we sell unfortunately does offer a risk, so unfortunately it does not come with any guarantee. We spray and do all due diligence to ensure the wood is free from anything, but we accept no liability for the appearance of any subsequent live worm once it has left our premises. This is a risk of reclaimed wood, especially the older character grade pieces, and we ask you to think carefully about how you will use the timber, we ask you to thoroughly inspect the wood you are buying, and where possible we encourage you to treat it yourself for peace of mind.

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